No matter who you are or what you do, there is a mermaid hair style that is perfectly suited to you 🙂

We admit, we were a little intimidated at first at the thought of bleaching our much cared for tresses, but once we saw the fun that could be had but adding these layers of colour, we decided this HAS to be worth it. In order to achieve any of these bright tones, you are going to have to totally bleach your hair first, and in order to do that and not totally burn it, going to a hair stylist is much recommended!

The Blue and Grey hues are probably a good starting point, not as bright as some of the multi colour options. You can start off gently by doing just the tips, and work your way up to more and bolder styles. Our biggest recommendation to you here is go to a colour specialist! This can just go too wrong if you try and do it yourself at home.

Braid it up to show of the layers of colour and make it even more fun!

If you are really feeling brave, go for these vivid pink and purple tones… be prepared to turn heads! Probably not going to be your first choice if you work in an office job, but on the other hand you will brighten up everyones day and give them something to talk about. 🙂

So we say, go for it, life is too short to have boring hair!

Gemsita XOXO