Unfortunately we can’t all live in heavenly beach homes infront of our favourite breaks, but we CAN all make our homes cozy, full of love, and inspired by our passion for the beach and the ocean.

Here are some of our favourite surf and ocean inspired home interiors…. Just to get you motivated to create your very own dreamy home interior!

Do you already live a surf-inspired home? Send us your pictures! We would love to see it!

1 – Who said hammocks were for the outdoors? No surf inspired home would be complete without an interior hammock! Just so you can get that whole sleeping-under-the-stars thing whilst chilling in your lounge….

surf inspired interiors

2 – Keep it simple! Black and White can always feel clean and cozy.

3 – Get creative! A beautiful idea to use your fins to add some colour and creativity to your home!

4 – If like me, you love to have photos of your nearest and dearest throughout your home, find a creative way to do it! Rustic string and pegs can be a great way to display all of your favourite pics, and you can easily change them as often as you want.

5 – It doesn’t matter if your home doesn’t have a sea-view… with a hammock and right lighting we can just pretend it has! If you set the right vibe, you could be anywhere!

6 – One of my absolute favourites…. minimal and simple.

7 – Always have your favourite inspiring prints all over. Nothing feels better than looking over a life worth of memories each day whilst sipping your morning coffee!

8 – Yes yes yes and yes! A bikini kinda life no matter where you live!

Share your favourite surf inspired homes with us, we want to see them!

Gemsita XOXO