Dakine Faye Wallet in Dakota

32.00 25.60
2016S-10000525-MADEWITHALOHA-TURTLEDOVEHEATHERDakine Made with Aloha Sweatshirt in Heather

Extra small, Small, Medium, Large

Dakine Adona 24l Backpack

54.00 43.20

Dakine Kona Tote Bag 28l

32.00 25.60

Dakine Jewel 2016 Rhapsody 26L

74.00 59.20

Dakine Diva 2016 Fern 4L

73.00 58.40

Dakine Shelby 2016 Fern 12L

42.00 33.60

Dakine Sync Photo Bag 15L

134.95 107.96

Dakine Willow Tank top Cameo

29.00 14.50

Dakine Women T Tech in Black

33.00 16.50

Once you try a Dakine bag you will never want to go back to anything else! Your travel essentials will be complete with our selection of Dakine travel bags, purses, washbags and more. These items have been designed with one purpose; to make your travelling comfortable! At the same time, who doesn’t love an amazing looking travel bag? Choose from a selection of florals, ethnic prints, simple block colours and more. Just what you need so that you are ready to book your next surf trip!

The dakine women’s beachwear range provides an urban style for all mountain and beach loving girls. From loose fit tank tops, to stylish button up plaid shirts, bright and cheerful leggings and much more. Take a little look at everthing the new Dakine Women’s range has to offer!