Since I can remember, my objective has always been to work in something that I feel passionate about, something that excites me, and that I look forward to doing each morning when I wake up! I never wanted to be one of those people who hated their job. If you calculate how many hours of your life will be spend working, (91,250 hours average!) the last thing you want is to be unhappy in your job. That is why, 4 years ago, I set up Gemsita, an online boutique, that would sell all of my favourite brands for Ocean Loving Women.

I put my heart and soul into the business. I spent hours working away to build the website, source the products, develop the marketing strategy, formulate the logistics of the e-commerce, and the list goes on…. I knew the shop would work as there was a demand for the products I was selling, I had studied it, and was certain that it could not fail! However, there were a few factors that I had failed to analyse sufficiently; the costs of international shipping from where I was based were EXTREMELY high, and secondly, the running costs for a small business in Spain are some of the highest in Europe. Unfortunately these two factors left me struggling, after 4 successful years of selling well and creating something wonderful, the profit margin was just not enough to make it worth while anymore.

I had reached a crossroads with the business. It was time to make a decision, but I just couldn’t let go of something I had put so much love into! I decided to look hard and steady at what I had done over the last years… what had worked and what hadn’t? As mentioned before, the logistics were extremely hard due to my location, and there did not seem to be a solution for that. In commerce, if you have to charge a fortune for shipping, no one will order! It’s as simple as that! What were the good things I had done that WERE working? It was clear – the marketing, social media, were thriving. I had always built the business upon these channels, and they had always been rewarding, even if the profit margin had not been enough to make the business as successful as I had hoped. I had a long think… and realised that over the last 4 years, the part of the business that I most enjoyed was the digital marketing! I had learnt a lot, read books, listed to podcasts, watched videos, done everything I could to learn as much as possible to make my business succeed. I really enjoyed this aspect of the business, and realised that this is what I was good at, not the logistics of commerce and constantly fighting with transport companies!

So my realisation led me to find the Digital Marketing NanoDegree programme. I had learnt so much by myself through the experience of running my own business, that I wanted to continue by studying a reputable course, and improving my knowledge in this area. The Digital Marketing Nanodegree was the perfect opportunity to build on my knowledge, and gain some practical experience and working within different segments of Digital Marketing.

Did I make the right choice? Most definitely! Within a short period of time, I had successfully found various new clients as a freelance Digital Marketer… and have now converted Gemsita into a place where I can blog, share thoughts and ideas, projects and inspiration for people who are interested in the same things as me! So it seems, I had to take a wrong turn, to end up in the right place!  I now have a job that allows me the freedom to work from anywhere, and it’s something that I love to do!