Girls, do you remember the days when all you could find for a women’s wetsuit was was a plain black suit with a few pink flowers thrown in somewhere, the shape almost identical to the men’s suits? Maybe if you were lucky you would have a few pink panels added on the sleeves. And seriously… that was it! That was the “Women’s Collection”…. and it really wasn’t even that long ago!

So when did Women’s Wetsuits get so beautiful and become so fun?? These days, you can walk into a surf shop and find everything you need! Short spring suits, thick winter suits, summer long john suits, you name it. The best thing is , there is something for everyone! Some of love the pink floral suits (they have come a long way since those first ones!) and others prefer darker colours, more geometric designs. You can choose to have a cheeky butt wetsuit if you want, and if that is not your thing, you can choose the boy short cut. There has never been so much fun in neoprene like we are seeing this season! So girls… here you can see a few our favs!

The billabong surf capsule spring suit comes in the beautiful “sangria” print for this summer. A retro Hawaiian classic, this sleevless spring suit is perfect for a warm location, where you just want a little warmth and protection. The fit is super cute, and the front zip adds a little sass to it! The sizing runs 6,8,10,12  with the size 6 being like an XS. Choose this wetsuit if you are going to a warm location, as is will keep you protected and add just enough warmth to let you surf for longer! The racer back makes it very comfortable and gives you full freedom of movement for your arms!

Billabong Sleeveless Spring suit in sangria

If you prefer a little more protection, then go for the same Billabong Surf Capsule Collection in “Sangria” with long sleeves. This is the “Salty Dayz” model. It has a front zip, and a cheeky booty cut. The 2mm neoprene will keep you warm to allow you to surf for longer! A flattering and beautiful spring suit that needs a place in your collection for this summer!

Let’s face it, the cheeky cut is not for everyone, and some people prefer a little more protection around their booty! If so, this is the spring suit for you! This is the “Spring Fever” spring suit in “Sangria” . It comes with a back zip which some people prefer, and a little more length on the leg. Still super flattering and incredibly comfortable! This neoprene is super stretchy, and you will have lots of freedom of movement. Spring Fever Billabong Springsuit in Sangria

Neoprene leggings... I am your biggest fan! I wasn’t sure at first, I admit, I didn’t really get it. Are they pants? a wetsuit? leggings? What do I do with them?? BUT, I tried them and now I am in LOVE. It’s so comfortable to have your legs warm and protected, and I just throw a bikini top and tank top over the top and I’m ready to go. Seriously, if you haven’t tried them yet, I suggest you give them a go! This Black and white pattern from the new Billabong Surf Capsule collection is perfect for those girls who don’t want pink and bright colours.

Next up in that same black and white pattern is the Salty dayz spring suitGoing back to the front-zip and the cheeky cut, its a real classic for this summer!

Billabong 2017 Surf Capsule Collection
Surf Capsule

Another popular item from this summer’s Surf Capsule collection is the “Aloe” series.  A gorgeous combination of fresh sherbet colours, guaranteed to brighten up your beach sessions! These lycra leggings are designed to be suitable for your next yoga lesson, a jog along the beach, or a quick surf sesh! You can choose! Match them with the Surf More Crop Top to get the full look!

Also in the “Aloe” Patter are the two spring suits – the Spring Fever and the Sleeveless Spring Suit. 

Billabong surf capsule collection 2017

Billabong 2017 Surf Capsule collection spring suit

And finally… if you are looking for something warmer and with better protection, the 3/2 full suit in Aloe will be the perfect choice. With chest Zip, and triple glued, welded inside seams, you will feel tropical from the inside out!

Billabong Salty Dayz Full Suit

Take a look at the full Billabong Surf Capsule Collection right here. 

So girls…grab your favourite wetsuits and let’s go enjoy the summer! See you on the water…

Gemsita XOXO